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Anna Cley

" We are ever-changing beings in an ever-changing world. The permanent question is: What can we create right now from where we are and where we come from? "

Anna Cley is a transformational coach, opera singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

From aerospace engineering to opera singing, volunteering in hospitals for children, Anna has been striving all her life for excellence, meaningful endeavors and growth. She is the founding President of VOCALISE, a charity helping children to recover from traumatic experiences. Anna is recognized by the Association of Transformational Leaders.


Anna is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and in Hypnosis by the French Institute of Ericksonian and Humanist Hypnosis. She has a Master’s in Generic Engineering from the Ecole Centrale (France) and in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy). She graduated in Music and Opera Singing from the Conservatoire Claude Debussy in Paris. She studied acting at the Conservatoire Georges Bizet in Paris and through workshops (Acting'Operasm, NYC). Anna also has a certification in Fashion Marketing from the GRETA in Paris. She is fluent in English, French and Italian.


" I was 23 when I started my engineering career at the French space agency CNES. At 25, I was the only woman in an executive position at the headquarters of a European company heavily involved in the space industry. That same year, I joined a charity to volunteer on Sundays in a hospital for children. At 26, despite an apparent professional success and promising career, I felt as if my whole inner world was collapsing. After spending 20 years being scared of my father, I had to face another challenge: My poor self-confidence affected my well-being at work. Being a young woman in a male-dominated world made me experience deep loneliness and vulnerability. Worse, I did not feel that I was at the right place, and in that environment I could not find the meaning I was craving. And so I quit engineering. "



​" I had an eventful childhood. My family and I moved fairly often. Sometimes we would live surrounded by cardboard boxes half-emptied as it made no sense to unpack everything. I used to love the smell of fresh paint and was somewhat reassured by the presence of a general mess. With the passing years, uncertainty became one of my core values. Freedom, too. I developed an ability to adapt myself to any environment; I became a chameleon. I also developed an ability to leave everything and restart from scratch. To this day, I am still learning how to stay. Let me tell you: It feels good.


In the early years of my life, I would find certainty in the ever-changing sky and in the stars above my head, in the beauty of nature and in the feel of the wind, in traveling and in learning new things, in stories. As far as I can remember, I was always fascinated by the miracle of life. "WHY?" was the obsessive question spinning in my head. Why was I here on Earth? Why here and not elsewhere? Why Humanity? What did I come for? What was expected from me in the grand plan of the universe? That's what had awakened my interest in astrophysics at age 8. Four years later, I had discovered opera singing, and that had become one of my most important journeys. My voice teacher had planted the seed early on in my mind that I could be a professional opera singer, and the dream had been growing inside me, a little stronger every year. I was introverted and shy, always afraid to do something wrong, but the long journey of opera singing had helped me to free my true self.


And so I came back to opera singing after having quit the space industry. As I grew artistically and personally, I discovered that my work and experience had a direct impact on self-confidence and on the ability of being a leader. People's behavior changed toward me, too: I became inspiring. As my presence developed on stage and in the other areas of my life, I also became more and more of a coach for others. All I had been through suddenly made sense. I was so grateful for all of it. I now had the keys to help people be the hero of their own lives by developing their own presence and be more successful at what makes them happy.


It is impossible for me to condense in a few paragraphs the dreams and storms of a lifetime. All I hope for is to transfer unto you the unbreakable confidence in your unique abilities and in your presence in this world. "


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